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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oops - visited Hilton Head before Beaufort, SC.

Jim and I love Hilton Head. We have for a few years, since our bike trip with Dutch Connection, Ernie and Pat Myers.

The lighthouse at the Harbour Town Marina
View from the lighthouse of the Harbour Town Marina. Pretty spot!
Our first bike trip with Dutch Connection was along the Danube River in Austria. Second was in the Netherlands with our 3 kids (now all married). Then Vermont, Cape Cod & Williamsburg, but let's get back to Hilton Head!

Pat and Ernie Myers.
Harbour Town Yacht Club is located on the Southern "toe" of Hilton Head. If you have seen a map or chart of Hilton Head, you will see it looks like a foot....not a head! We had visited the Marina previously and it is truly a beautiful spot. There is a red and white lighthouse as you enter the Harbor. We were greated by a young man in a skiff, who lead us to our slip. In his bag, he had the info for charging us and a bottle of wine. Nice greating! He neatly coiled the lines after he helped us dock. Nice southern hospitality.

The Parade before the Heritage Classic begins. The bagpipes were singing and the red plaid jackets were about. A few minutes later we heard the cannon announcing the beginning of the festivities.
In the midst of the developement is a cemetery dating back 150 years. There are also recent burials in this small cemetery surrounded by condominiums and vegetation. Apparently the Williams family had used this spot for their family plot. Of course, I had to read the tombstones!
Buddy found this stone particularly interesting.

What we did not know was that the Heritage Classic was taking place this week at Hilton Head. We arrived Monday, which was the first practice day of the event. What fun to walk the golf course (and ride our bikes around the golf course) and watch the golfers. We had worked as volunteers at the Ryder cup a few years ago, so we thorougly enjoyed seeing the volunteers dressed in their "uniforms". We had dressed the part as we calmly waited for any possible emergency to evacuate the golfers. Sorry golf fans, you are on your own, but the golfers have a backup plan in case of a thunderstorm or other emergency.

We watched with amazement when we were tying up the boat and a parade came through with bagpipes and men in red plaid jackets. Then we heard the cannon! Apparently the lead sponsor usually hits the ball into the River. This year there is no head sponsor so last year's winner, Jim Fyrk hit the first ball from the 18th fairway into the River.

Jim & Gloria on the 18th hole. Gloria always wears that stupid hat so you can't see her face.

The best part of the visit was seeing our friends from Dutch Connection. Ernie and Pat Myers are originally from Flint and moved to Hilton Head 11 years ago. They have been planning bike trips for many years and we rarely miss an opportunity to bike with Pat and Ernie. Ernie plays tennis most days competitively and Pat is involved in more activities than should be humanly possible. Great friends. Great visit.

We saw this guy on our bike ride.

Typical bike path on Hilton Head island.
 One of the reasons we love Hilton Head are the incredible bike trails. We saw an alligator in one of the ponds as we cruised through one of the Plantations.

Off to Beaufort, SC in the morning. Guess we'll have to watch the Heritage on TV. Oh! We rarely have TV available. Have to read the news on the internet. That we have most days! I think it is getting late and I had better publish the final product!

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