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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Georgetown, SC, charming southern town/

Though this building may not look like much, people were working inside the building cleaning fish.
Many of the ports along the ICW have fishing fleets of varying sizes.
  Georgetown was originally settled in 1526 as the earliest settlement in North America by Europeans. The colonists stayed a short time and the next settlement was in 1670 by the English. As in many other southern cities, indigo became the cash crop from 1745 to 1775.

This house was built in 1903.

After the American Revolution, rice became the staple crop along the rivers and rice plantations were established on the five rivers. By 1840, Georgetown produced nearly half the total rice crop of the US. This wealth produced lovely homes and gracious hospitality that lasted until about 1860. Today, Georgetown is the 2nd largest seaport in South Carolina.

We stayed at the Boat Shed Marina on the Sampit River. We rather enjoy small, friendly marinas. They have only 25 total slips with 5 being transients. (Yes, we are transients.) Ruth and I walked into Georgetown and found a charming downtown along with charming homes from the early 1700's.
Boat Shed Marina dock. Room for only a few boats.
Jim and Wayne conferring on Jim's stuffing box and Wayne's non-working diesel engine.

Merried with Her and Scopeta, who we have known for some time, were at the neighboring marina and invited us for cocktails. We enjoyed seeing them again and sharing sea stories.
This building is on the dock at the marina. Charming!

Meanwhile, Jim worked on the stuffing box as it is leaking like a faucet and Wayne from High Spirits lost an engine and had to come in one one engine. He changed the fuel filters and cleaned all the lines. Not a pleasant job in the engine room when it is 80 degrees outside. High Spirit has suffered with fuel problems since they started the Loop in Ontario. They even resorted to pumping all the fuel out of the tanks and having the tanks scrubbed while in Snead Island. Apparently there are still issues.

Traveling on the Loop is a constant mechanical project. We truly take it in stride and help each other as much as possible.

On to Myrtle Beach. Weather forecast is for rain and wind. If I were sailing I would say "Great", but when Looping we say "not so great".

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