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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Myrtle Beach, SC - rain, rain and more rain!

We left Georgetown, SC with the threat of rain and winds. Review of the charts for our 50 mile voyage showed we would be in a narrow river or canal for the entire day.

Part of the day was in the pouring rain. Difficult to see through the Eisenglass and the driving rain.
The scenery is starting to change. No longer are we seeing the marshes we have seen for so many days, but we cruised through our first cedar marsh. We had seen marshes of trees with deep water in the Panhandle of Florida, but not on the East Coast. The water is dark with tanin.

The cedar forest lines the Waterway.
Along the AICW (Atlantic Intercoastal Waterway) are beautiful homes in this area. There are homes and developments waiting for the economy to improve. Some of the homes on the waterway are incredible.

Small home along the Intercoastal in Myrtle Beach.

Jim bought a pair of new sandals. Here is proof of his shopping.
Jim and Wayne found a tractor in one of the stores. Here they are talking "tractor".
Wayne and Ruth are enjoying the warm weather. Perhaps they should consider wearing more conventional clothing.
Jim, Bud and Boo our for a late night "walk". Do you see little Boo?

Ruth and I begged the Harbormaster to drive us the 3 miles to Walmart. The Cruise Guide stated they would drive us.  We took advantage of the opportunity.

We enjoyed dinner with Jerry and Carolyn from Sassy and Wayne and Ruth from High Spirits. We had not seen Jerry and Carolyn for many months.
The Barefoot Landing Marina is located on the East side of the Waterway. Barefoot Landing Resort is located directly across the Waterway on the West side. Confused yet? We are! We had our mail sent to Barefoot Landing a week ago. We were lucky and picked the Marina that had our mail in hand. We love reading our magazines we received, but Jim is still awaiting his Passage Maker. The perfect Looper magazine!

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