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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Georgia, finally! Cumberland Island

What a fabulous anchorage! We are anchored on the West side of Cumberland Island. Today we saw wild horses, turkey buzzards, a beautiful beach, ruins from a mansion and more. The only way to view the island is by boat or ferry.
Thomas Carnegie and his wife Lucy built a mansion on Cumberland Island. After their deaths, the mansion was vacant for 30 years and finally destroyed by a fire in 1959. The remains are incredible. The home was built of brick and covered with stone. What remains is a shell of what must have been a fabulous home.

Jim and I and the boys (Boo and Buddy) hiked miles and miles around the island. (We were wishing we had riding bicycles that were available at the Sea Scout dock). The Island is covered with vegetation and the trees are covered with spanish moss.

The tide difference between high and low is 7 feet. The current as a result is extremely strong and reverses during the night. We are hoping our anchor holds.....

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  1. Glad you are underway once again. We're not far behind. Spending a few days in Titusville. No Bahamas this year...not enough time.