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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Palatka Boathouse Marina & Turkey anchoring in a peaceful places, but the bugggggs!

Palatka is one of the larger towns on the St. Johns River. We did not see much as it was a drippy, rainy day. The Marina is a bit primitive, but we find some fun every where we go. The Marina kitty was one of the friendliest cats I have ever seen. She wanted to sit on your lap and purred with a smile.

While at the Marina I found a boat like my Cal 25 Mark II, that I owned 25 years ago. It was a pretty cool boat for me at the time. It had a roller furling and an inboard diesel engine, but when Adrienne came around, I didn't have the time to drive an hour across town to work on the boat or on rare occasion use it!

The Marina has a history and the present owner purchases an old River Boat that needs big time fixing up. The River Boat was built at this marina and boat yard around 1900. Hope they get the funds together as it could be really nice.

In Welaka,we planned to visit the "Old Boat Museum", but they are only opened Wednesday through Saturday. We were in Welatka on Tuesday! Bummer! The City dock is downtown, but investigating we found it was constructed for smaller boats. The St. John River current is still pretty strong in Welatka, so it is difficult to dock onto small finger docks with a large boat.

We found an anchorage in our handy Skipper Bob's that was just lovely - Turkey Island. Water was deep enough and we quietly anchored, dropped the dinghy and went to shore to investigate (the smells for BooBoo). Kind of a spooky place as there were few people and many homes for sale. We are finding in many areas of Florida, a high percentage of homes are for sale. Wonder how it compares to Michigan! We seem to be suffering from the same problem. At least the weather is nicer here in the winter!

We love our dinghy rides and investigate where Crawdad cannot go. We bought a hand held depth sounder which is fun to use in the dinghy and we can use it to investigate before we bring in Crawdad. Tells us the water temperature as well.

We have been playing games at night and Adrienne is a champion Scrabble player. Last night we played Yatzee. Jim was the winner.

We downloaded the movie "The Fighter" and will probably watch it tonight if it rains. Weather says 100% chance of rain.

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