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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kennedy Space Center - Don't miss it!

Over 3000 miles have passed under our keel and we added another favorite to our list of favorites, i.e., Kennedy Space Center. We learned about Saturn and space development when in Huntsville, AL at the US Space and Rocket Center. Kennedy Space Center "took it up a notch"!

We learned about Wernher von Braun and his scientific team when in Huntsville. Kennedy Space Center exhibits the development of all the Apollo missions (didn't know there were THAT many!), Saturn, Discovery Space shuttle and others. Great exhibits. A rocket garden! About 10 rockets standing straight up into the sky! A space capsule to sit in.....or to crawl into...

The bus ran us out to Launch Pad 39. The rocket being launched around April 20th is on the pad, being readied for launch. Rockets are assembled in one of the largest buildings in the US and about 30 days before launch are hauled over a gravel road to one of two launch pads. The platforms with diesel engines move the upright rocket at 1/2 mph. Takes about 8 hours to get to the Launch Pad.

An Astronaut Memorial was constructed from marble to look like a huge movie screen. Clouds reflect in the shiny marble, along with the names carved in the marble. We had forgotten how many astonauts have been lost including Roger Chaffee from Grand Rapids.

IMAX 3D movies played were Hubble and the Space Station. We had seen Hubble when in Chattanooga and loved it, but the Space Station movie was even more fascinating. The building process of the Space Station is so very complicated and the determination of the astronauts is amazing.

Included is a picture of the moon rock on display.

Nearby is the Astonaut Hall of Fame. Great interactive Museum for kids to learn about Space.

Not much else in Titusville, we are just grateful for Enterprise and their service of picking us up and dropping us off when renting a car...and the 10 Looper discount they offer!

Not much else in Titusville, but since we had a car, we ventured to Dixie Crossroads for a seafood meal that was pretty darn good!

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