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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

North Palm Beach Lake Worth - nice!

The cruise from Boca Raton began with....a wait for the Boca Raton Bridge! Total bridges raised for the day was a record 10 bridges. We are doing a better job of planning and a few of the bridges are raised "at request". That means the bridge tender raises it when he/she feels like it! Usually, reasonably soon, but not always!

The scenery is always interesting. This stretch is full of expensive homes. Much of the cruise was along Jupiter Island which is surprisingly large. We have never seen so many of the Viking type. Huge and so many! These are the guys who "wake us" (go by at racing speeds, creating a huge wake to make us rock and roll) and never even notice! Must say, though, the water around the Jupiter outlet is incredibly turquoise.

We can't help but notice boats along the way. Also, I am intrigued by work boats and people at work along our travels, so a few of these shots are included today.

Peanut Island is a hopping place. The Island is located at the Lake Worth Inlet. Lots of boats, camping and people having fun on a sunny March day. Not Michigan!

We arrived in the north end of Lake Worth (huge, long lake) to a number of boats already anchored. After one attempt at anchoring, we decided it was not the right spot, so we raised our anchor and moved. We noticed a blue hulled boat nearby. During the late afternoon we experienced a strong thunderstorm with 25mph winds and driving rain. We sat comfortable and enjoyed the storm.

Later we rowed (oh, I mean motored!) to shore to the spot we thought was recommended by Skipper Bob. Skipper Bob Publications is the guru of anchorages. We use the Anchorages along the ICW religiously for this part of our trip. Actually, we have used one the series of Publications along the entire route. Don't leave home without them! They are inexpensive and are comprised of recommended spots with personal details by other cruisers. As Lake Worth shows a hand drawn map where to anchor and where to land the dinghy. Also, what stores are nearby and where. Priceless. Also, Bob discussed the thefts in the area and recommended we lock our dinghy in that spot.

Bob died a short time ago and his widow, Elaine, who we met at the Rendezvous sold the publications to another experienced looper. Each year the publications are updated as per comments we cruisers send into the publisher, so it is current.

When we woke in the morning, I was startled to see the dark hulled boat, Altair, within 30 feet. Too close for comfort and a man was taking my picture (in my nightgown!). He laughed and returned into the boat. We met Claudio later and he told us how he had built his boat of Ferro Cement and sailed it from the Adriatic. He informed us we dragged our anchor (anchor had moved) during the storm. He suggested a ROCNA anchor. Claudio built his boat 30 years ago.

We carefully left our anchorage the next morning and are off to new adventures!

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