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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Port Everglades - wow!

As we traveled north from Miami we encountered many gorgeous homes and interesting (?) bridges, but as we traveled into Port Everglades we encountered a fascinating and significant city of business that was quite a surprise.

Port Everglades container ships were being loaded and unloaded and as we cruised north, within the heavy traffic, we encountered 8 huge cruise ships. These are cruise ships from Holland America, Princess, Celebrity and others. We could see that crews were cleaning and repairing the boats.

As we cruised past the Inlet for Port Everglades, we encountered a line of Optimist Prams being towed across the Inlet. Careful there kids! Most sailing clubs own Optimist Prams for training children. They are small boats with one sail that are easy to sail with one small person.

On the way to Ft. Lauderdale, Los Alos Marina to see Laura and Bill from Monkey Girl. They have finished their Loop and are nesting back into their home located 2 miles from the Municipal Marina.

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