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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Eau Gallie - see the Dragon or what's left of her! Banana River

Humdinger is a lobster boat from Massachusetts owned by Dwight, a boat yard owner and his beloved, Elizabeth. Conversation began near the bathrooms in Vero Beach and they suggested they wanted to do the Loop. Did we know where they could get their hands on the right book? (Ha! - did you ask the right people!) They already use Skipper Buds, so I suggested the Great Circle Route.

One thing lead to another and we were on their boat for cocktails with our friend Karen. Dwight and Elizabeth had cruised from Massachusetts to Florida 10 times (and back) and shared valuable information as to anchorages headed up the East Coast. Eau Gallie South of the bridge was their suggestion.

Skipper Bob's gives anchorages ratings for current, hold, aesthetics and 3 other bits of info. This anchorage got the best of the best. They left the day before we did and called the next morning to say they tried 7 times to get their anchor to hold. (I had read elsewhere of this issue.) This is how Loopers and other cruisers take care of each other.

Change of plans called for more research. We have numerous charts and cruise guides (ask Jim sometime...). I consult them all and come up with a plan that ends up in a spreadsheet. Now I have been known in the past as the Spreadsheet Queen and dog gone it, I am going to live up to my reputation! The spreadsheet has tabs for each part of the trip with distinguishing mileage mark, distance and marina or anchorage name (and more of course!).

Crawdad headed through the two 65 foot bridges headed for Dragon Point and the Banana River. Dragon Point is so named because of a green cement dragon built in 1971 65 feet long and 35 feet tall. Annie was a landmark. She collapsed in 2002 due to an inability of the County and landowner as to how to preserve her. The green remains are still on the point. We carefully moved around the point (rocks and shoals of course!) and into the Banana River.

There is an 8 foot bridge (Mathers Bridge) that rotates on its axis and when we entered, we saw kayaks and sculls, not like we have seen since the Head Race in Chattanooga. Our first thought was high schools, but after meeting a knowledgeable couple while walking Boo near the bridge, we were informed these are Olympic hopefuls. Great fun to watch them in the afternoon and early morning.

Wildlife abounds in the Banana River. We saw many birds and dolphins.

Boo also wanted to show you his new toy. A female fox named Shakespeare. (huh?) Also, we enjoy fresh basil every day!

Off to Titusville and the Kennedy Space Center.

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  1. WE are a couple of days ahead of you. We are planning to be in St. Augustine tomorrow. Anchored in Rockhouse Creel-mile 842.2 and Fort Matanzas mile792.4-both good holding and protection...hope we catch you folks!
    Joanne and Pete and Buddy
    M/V Tony M