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Monday, March 21, 2011

Daytona Beach 2011..just like the 70's!!

As college students Jim and I both spent a Spring Break on the beach in Daytona Beach. We remembered the wide beach with cars driving along the water. Some things don't change! Cars are still driving on the beach!

The trip to Daytona once again was scenic. A beautiful red lighthouse! We are seeing many lighthouses and we are amazed how each is different. No mangroves, but sand, grass and small palm trees. Marshes and small islands. Fortunately, flat water made our trip easy.

We arrived early and began our work immediately. Changing the oil in both engines and the generator! Yippee!.....maybe not, but an oil change is needed every 250 hours and the boat doesn't care where we are or how convenient it is to change the oil! Jim, the oil mechanic and his able-bodied assistant, got out the instruction book (prepared by the Spreadsheet Queen) and got everything ready for the oil changes. We had everything we needed and turned on the oil change pump. Not working! Jim figured out the problem and tightened the fittings so it would not leak air. Now let's begin...again! The oil change pump is a wonderful thing and really makes changing the oil pretty easy. Just the mess to deal with and the dirty oil. No problem....we are becoming an experienced mechanical team!

When the oil change was complete, Jim began his favorite project and put another coat of Captains Varnish on the small teak moldings. Railings are complete! Moldings looking pretty good! Only 5 coats to go!

Jim and I rode our bikes to the beach. I had run on the beach in the morning and it was a short ride to see the fun. Quiet in the early morning, but crazy in the afternoon! Cars, bikes and sunbathers, all on the same beach. Because of the "super moon" the low tide was lower than usual and the beach was huge. Beautiful! Also birds and those darned jellyfish, though there were few of those monsters!

Farmers markets are loads of fun and we love fresh vegetables, so we always look for an opportunity. On the way we ran into an exhibit for the Library of Congress. It was fabulous and we are now anxious to go to Washington DC to visit the Library of Congress. We locked up our bikes (necessity of life) and enjoyed the exhibit.

Since West Marine was in the area, we made a visit and we knew we were ready to move on to our next destination. St Augustine. Been looking forward to St. Augustine for a long time! Let's go!

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