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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When will we run aground?.....when DID we run aground!

After our delightful stop in Bashi Creek,we planned our next anchorage at "old lock 100". Jim was the first to stick his nose in and cruised slowly toward the lock. There was plenty of space behind it, but he was curious as to the depth. From 10 feet, the depth dropped to 2 feet.....OOOOPS! We were lucky enough to back off, but we thought for a while we might need a two from one of our friends.

We anchored with three boats together, Goncruzin, Monkey Girl and ourselves. Delightful evening as usual and the boys had a cement landing for the dinghy. We had some nice long walks.

One more anchorage before Mobile! We again stuck our nose into the North End of Bayou Cannot. Another great spot, though we thought we heard banjos! Kind of creepy, but safe from the weather.

The next morning we entered Mobile Bay. Incredible! Huge ships out of the water and lots of industry, then out into the shallow bay on to Fairhope. Three hours later we arrived at the Fairhope Yacht Club. The Club was destroyed by Wilma in 2004 and has been rebuilt and is beautiful. Great Restaurant, Tamara's.

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