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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Clearwater. What a pleasure you have been!

We arrived Wednesday morning about 10AM after leaving Carabelle at Noon the previous day. We cruised into the harbor with 2 additional boats. After listening to the radio during the night and talking to other boaters in Carabelle, we surmised 13 boats had crossed the Gulf of Mexico that night.

Sea Stone Resort is located just inside the Harbor. Our neighbors bought their Med Trawler a few months ago and are learning the boat. Jeff is British and Dee is a cute blonde about our age. They met on and Jeff moved to the US and they were married. They plan on starting the loop in about two years. We expressed that they should not wait as one can plan forever...and then not leave on the adventure.

The beach is only a block away and we have walked the beach, ridden our bikes into downtown and to Publix. (What a pleasure it is go find a great supermarket close enough for bikes.) Jim and I rode to the area where "Winter, the Dolphin" is being filmed. We had not heard of Winter, but the security guard explained the story of a Dolphin who lost his rear fin in a lobster trap. Does anyone remember that story? No, we don't either!

Thanksgiving dinner next to the pool is a good thing! We enjoyed a great meal with Monkey Girl and Blue Yonder. Tomorrow morning we part with Blue Yonder as they head to Tarpon Springs. We, along with Monkey Girl are headed to an anchorage along the ICW.

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