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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Good Luck came our way in Joe's Bayou, Destin, FL

Bayous are available for anchorage all along the ICW. Other Loopers had expressed Destin's harbor could be difficult and not that interesting. We continued to travel with our good friends, Bill and Laura from Monkey Girl. They are much more experienced anchoring than we are and Laura found a Bayou that looked interesting to all 4 of us.

Joe's Bayou is located a few miles from Destin. Clairborne Young has written a number of books describing details of anchorages. He suggested Joe's, describing it as difficult to enter as it is narrow, but so beautiful once entered. Wow! We carefully snaked our way into the Bayou and found a pool, surrounded by beautiful homes. For the last few weeks, we had been anchoring with one boat facing into the wind or current and setting anchor and the second boat anchoring in the opposite direction. This would keep the boats in the same spot and we would be attached to Monkey Girl and we could spend the evening together.

As we were anchoring a man came up to us in a fishing boat and suggested we could use his dock. He pointed at a 17,000 square foot house. OK! We had an extremely pleasant evening and the boys could go for a walk on land. We spoke at length with the owner and he was as kind and friendly as any one we had met so far!

In order for the boys to make their trip to land, the dinghy must be lowered. We have a mast and boom which is used to raise and lower the dinghy. Kind of a pain and Bill and Laura have an easy to drop in dinghy. When we travel and anchor with them, we use their dinghy and leave our dinghy on the boat.

We loved anchoring in the Bayou and we will undoubtedly be anchoring out more often.

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