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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Crawdad description - better late than never!

A few days ago I viewed a blog for Blue Yonder. Our dear friends Pete and Ana from Nantucket. Pete created a great blog with a detailed description of Blue Yonder, a Nordic Tug 32.

Better late than never!

Grand Banks 42
Built in Singapore in 1986
Length 42 feet
Beam (wide) 13' 7"
Displacement (weight) 34,000 pounds
Draft (how deep) 4' 2"
Water Capacity 265 gallons
Fuel Capacity (diesel) 600 gallons (want to fill our tank?)
Height with mast up 22' 6"
Height with mast down 16' 4"
Engines 2 Lehman 135 Diesels

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