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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mobile Here we Come- Midway, Aberdeen & Pirates Marina Cove

We enjoyed our time at Grand Harbor. It is a gorgeous developement with the marina, condos and homes. Literally part of it is in Alabama and part in Mississippi. Across the River is Tennessee.

We started down the TennTom on Yellow Creek following Seamoore, who started their Loop that morning. Carlton and Becky are from Decatur, AL.

Our first stop was Midway Marina. Friendly place with few amenities, but with plenty of water and friendly faces, we were OK. Carlton and Becky along with Richard and Jill on "Finally" suggested dinner and we heartily agreed. The other guest, Elegant Lady, a 50 Chris Craft, when asked, said he got the car first and took off. Nice guy! The Harbormaster lent us his car (see what I mean by nice?) and we were off to one of the three "W's of looping". Walmart. Our card reader was not working and needed to be replaced. Then to a Mexican restaurant for dinner.

Next was Aberdeen Marina. Depth was "iffy" (special boating term) as we entered, but after our mini adventure and winding road, we found the marina. We were the only people there that night and there were few boats. There is a convenience store and fuel sold to cars and trucks on the other side of the building, so there was activity there. Jimmy, the cat, was watching over the merchandise as he lounged on a case of beer. Nice to know we are all safe with Jimmy in charge.

Last night we stayed at Pirates Marina Cove. The people who live and work there looked like Pirates. We were glad to leave the dock this morning!

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