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Monday, November 22, 2010

Pensacola Aviation Museum & Palafox Pier

Another great spot! We stayed longer than we had anticipated as the weather piped up and even Crawdad was bouncing around in her slip.

Pensacola is home to the Blue Angels and the Air Force Aviation Museum. Great place! Along with Laura and viewed the planes, listened to an experienced jet pilot (in his 80's)and saw another show of the Blue Angels. The noise was incredible too! We rode the city bus to the Museum and they warned us to be done early to make sure we could catch the bus. We called again later and they told us to walk into a RESTRICTED area of the Navy Base to catch the bus. After waiting over an hour, we called a cab and got a ride back to the Marina. Certainly worth the trip.

A new restaurant had opened up only two weeks prior to our visit, Jacos. Good food and better company. We spent a lot of time at the restaurant attempting to escape the rocking in the marina.

Since we found ourselves with time on our hands, Laura and I visited the local spa (3 mile bike ride - we're not lazy!) and Laura enjoyed a facial and I a pedicure. Got to keep up with our "beauty" as we travel!

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