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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Frying Pan Bay - a Slice of Heaven

Last year we stayed for a night in Frying Pan Bay on Beausoleil Island. This year we returned for our slice of Heaven! The bay is totally protected with two docks. Large boats spend the summer on the docks, so the transient boats anchor in the harbor. We spoke with the owner of one boat who spent 11 weeks on the dock last year.


Hiking is available all over the island and Beausoleil is one of the largest islands in Georgian Bay small boat channel. We took off for a hike around Fairy Island and almost immediately noticed poison ivy everywhere. Hmm, flip flops. Not such a great idea. After about 2 miles hiking on uneven ground with the lovely 3 leafed plants, we found our path out. Buddy was exhausted, hot and wanted to go back to the boat. Boo was fine. He was carried most of the way.
Boo is enjoying hiking around Fairy Lake.
Our view from Crawdad of the entrance to Frying Pan Bay.

We met Jane and Don with Stella and her sister. They were so pleasant and suggested our next anchorage. Our next visit to Pentanguishene will include a visit with Jane and Don!
Jim is enjoying the expanded area on the deck. Notice our beautiful white wicker painted by none other than the handsome man pictured.  Buddy is relaxing in the background. The photographer is, once again, missing in the picture.

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