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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Big Sound Marina

.Next stop was Crawdad's destination for one month - Big Sound Marina in Parry Sound on the East Coast of Georgian Bay. We were off to visit elderly parents and a 10 day bike trip to Burlington, VT and Montreal. You'll see more on that later.

A drawbridge guards the south entrance to Parry Sound. The bridge tender only opens the bridge every hour on the hour. There is no traffic on the bridge, so why......

Randy having dinner with us overlooking the Sound.
This cruise to Parry Sound is delightful as the scenery is as beautiful as any area we have cruised in the past. Last year we visited Parry Sound and we are looking forward to the Grand Banks Great Lakes Rendezvous. Until that time, visiting family and biking is our priority. Got to see those grand babies, now 14 months and 6 months.

Every 10 days of cruising we need to pump out the head. We usually pump out before we enter the marina.
Jim is always in the engine room fixing something. The solenoid on the generator broke and though we have a spare (good thinking!), Jim fixed the one that had broken. Way to go!
Our friend Randy Anderson drove 7 hours to pick us up. He is such a good friend he took care of Buddy and BooBoo while we were biking. He also drove us back after the bike trip. 28 hours of driving. We owe you, Randy! Big Time!

Lots of float planes in the Georgian Bay as access to most cottages is only by boat. The service here in Parry Sound flies to Henry's Fish Camp for lunch. Beautiful trip by air!

Parry Sound Festival. Lots of people having fun.

Getting down - playing our kind of music!

Crazy people doing crazy things....rather well! I sure couldn't do this!

Another beautiful sunset - with big fireworks to follow! No pictures of the fireworks, as poor BooBoo hates fireworks and trembles at the first crack. The photographer was busy during the fireworks providing support to BooBoo.

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