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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Indian Harbor - Love Recommendations from the Locals.

There are many cottages on small, rocky islands.
Indian Harbor is circled.

Don and Jane who we met in Frying Pan Bay, recommended Indian Harbor near 12 Mile Bay. We wound our way between the green and red markers and found a beautiful, protected harbor. We anchored and started eating our lunch.

Don and Jane were there for a short time, but Jane became ill and they left to return to Pentanguishene. Another boat cruised in and anchored. In a few minutes they cruised over in their dinghy, suggesting we move Crawdad nearer shore, out of the line of fire of the demons in their speed boats, cruising through Indian Harbor to their cottages. We thanked Karen and Bob and moved Crawdad to a quieter spot. Karen and Bob were off to go fishing for bass. They explained they eat many dinners of fish they caught that day.

20 minutes later they returned to our boat and offered 2 of their 5 beautiful bass for our dinner! We thanked them and Jim was off and running, showing me how he learned to clean fish as a boy. Jim and his Dad were fishermen! Who knew!
BooBoo and Jim's work follows us even on the boat.

The rock formations differ as we move north.

The water was calm - most of the time!
Moss on the islands is like a cushion. So soft and squishy!
Sunsets are incredible almost every night.

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