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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ruddy Island - Now You're Talking!

Last year a local (there you go again!) told us about an area of fabulous anchorage. I marked the sight with highlighter. Later on, another local mentioned the same area. Gotta anchor there!

We had a few days before we had to be in Parry Sound and we looked at each other and said - let's go! We cruised up from San Souci to Ruddy Island. Amazing! No one anywhere to be seen and after checking Great Lakes Cruising Club's website (join, if you plan on cruising in Georgian Bay!), we decided on anchoring in the first finger. Anchoring was easy and we were in Hog Heaven!

A few hours later, a guy pulled in with a Sea Ray, by himself! A few hours later another boat and another until there were......4 boats rafted together. So much for our pristine, lonely paradise! What we didn't know was these were friendly LOCALS! Yes, more locals!

And they were they best! They invited us for Pina Coladas, offered to buy us ice (20km) away and drove Jim for miles to buy gasoline for the dinghy (when we ran out of gas!). What we didn't realize at the time was July 1st weekend was approaching and that means CANADA DAY!  Canada Day is a big deal in Canada. Kind of like our Fourth of July, only they are more patriotic and have more fun.

Running out of gas gets us - some exercise!
Jim has become a very good mechanic. He gets a lot of practice. This time the problem was the generator. A serious problem when we are anchoring. We do not have an inverter, so all AC power comes from the Generator.

Jim gets a lot of help from the boys.

Love this moss. Nothing as beautiful as natural colors.

See what happens when the photographer leaves the camera onboard?

We all love our adventures in the dinghy.
Buddy, contemplating the world.
Another gorgeous sunset in Paradise!

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  1. Hey Guys..great to see you're cruising again...we'd love to spend more time in the Georgian Bay since the time we did spend there while doing the Loop was fantastic. The Loop visit was just a tease..
    Enjoying your blog!
    Keep up the great writing and your pictures are breathtaking!
    Pete and Joanne Wilson