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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Penetanguishene - if you can spell it, you can stay!

Last year we visited the next harbor, Midland and while we were there some friendly folks from AGLCA (American Great Loop Cruising Assoc.) scheduled a Rendezvous. The organizers drove us to Penetanguishene, fed us dinner at the local museum and showed us on our charts where to go -and more importantly where NOT to go!

This year we decided to visit Penetanguishene and we thoroughly enjoyed the city. (That's what we will call Penetanguishene from here on in!) We biked up the hills (we sure need to get in shape for the upcoming bike trip in Vermont and Montreal!) and the boys were with us. Buddy needs the exercise and Boo needs love and attention by being carried in the baby carrier.

The wind was blowing like crazy so we stayed an extra day and actually read books and enjoyed ourselves. Bay Moorings is a nice marina located a bit outside of the city, but the kind folks drove us to the grocery store and West Marine. They also told us how the Keewatin was traveling to Port McNichol and would arrive last Saturday. They told us on Sunday and they all had gone with their boats to watch her come in. There were 1000 boats watching her. Welcome home to the Keewatin.  Wish we could have seen her on her trip home.

The staff at Bay Moorings was so friendly! They drove us to West Marine in Midland and to the grocery store. Jim found something to read while we await pickup.

The boys are best friends. They are brothers with different mothers.

Bay Moorings Marina

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