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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MacGregor Harbor, safe and sound.

Anchoring is a peaceful experience and Jim and I prefer, when possible, to anchor. The generator is available to run our A/C power, so we are independent and can enjoy the outdoors. Before the schools close for the summer, most marinas and anchorages are deserted. Just the way we like it!

Of course, anchoring comes with its negatives. The dinghy must go in and the boys need to head to shore periodically. Seems like a rain storm or a heavy wind comes up when Boo starts spinning. Some dogs longingly go to the door, asking for relief. Others whine or bark. Boo is a spinner, but he doesn't just spin, he smiles while he spins!

In the small harbor there is the broken spine of an old wooden schooner that was built in 1888 and abandoned in MacGregor Harbor in 1904. Ida A. Olson was reported to be 4 feet under water in the 1980's and is now fully exposed. The boat was 122 feet long and had a draft of 9ft 6 inches. Interesting stuff to and old sailor!

The night was extremely dark as the land surrounding the harbor is owned by a tribe of the First Nation. We landed at the dock and were greeted by an old Indian with a border collie as big as a bear named Diamond. The boys walked us up to the Council Office and the church across the street. The tour book described the local longer there.

The old fishing boats are on dry land now and the locals jump on board and throw out their fishing lines.

Watched a charming family of ducks (red head and a comb) with many babies. Later they were lined up on the bow of the schooner. Lots of other birds too. Killdeer in lower picture. Can't see very well in these pictures, but it was so interesting at the time! Better get out the Bird Book.

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