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Thursday, June 21, 2012

China, Tibet & Hong Kong - a Different Life

Jim and I traveled to China a few weeks ago.  We enjoy the cultures and people we meet along the way. Most people we meet on our travels have seen much more of the world than we.

This trip was with Overseas Adventure Travel. We have traveled with them a number of times in the past. Groups are limited to 15 people on most adventures. A good size group that allowed each of us to enjoy each other's differing personalities. (Not sure where we fit in!)

My sister, Marcia and her husband Andy took this 22 day trip a year and a half ago. They enjoyed themselves immensely.  Andy was born in China and lived in various parts of China as his parents, as Christian missionaries flew the Communists. After fleeing China they remained in Taiwan for many years and finished their ministry.  We really wanted to see where Andy and his family lived.

Andy had made a notebook with pictures, reviewing his parents meeting as individual missionaries.  We loved the pictures of his family as they moved from place to place. This was our impetus to visit China.

Hope you have lots of time. Lots of pictures to follow.
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The Great Wall on a not very clear day.

The Birds Nest. Every day can't be a sunny day!

Mao's tomb with a long line, waiting to see his fully pickled body in Tiananmen Square.

Just happened upon a Chinese wedding. Red is big in China!

The train to Chengdu was an experience.

Save the Giant Panda, please!

Save the Red Panda too! How cute is she!

Some times we just do silly stuff. Chinese Opera at its best.

Home visits aren't always that stimulating, though usually interesting.

Potala Palace in Tibet. Home of the Dalai Lama. He hasn't lived there since 1959, since the Communists took over Tibet.

The flight to Tibet was incredible.

Nice to have a pharmacist in the house. Prescription needed? Heck no!

Life on the Yangtze River.

Our little cruise ship. Be careful loading....

The Gorges are incredibly beautiful.

For my sailing friends....

Construction worker smiled for me.

Love those tourists! Welcome!

The lock on the Three Gorges Dam is larger than anything we have seen and we have "done" a lot of locks. Can't see much as it is "foggy".  Perhaps they should reclassify fog as smog.

Camera ready!

Terracotta warriors discovered in 1974 by a farmer digging a well. We met the farmer at the Museum. The warriors are a form of funerary art buried in 210BC.  It is estimated there are 8000 soldiers, generals, chariots and horses. We have never seen anything like it. So massive.

This is a general as can be distinguished by his hair and design on his clothing.

Jim wanted him to go home with us, but I said no.

The Chinese have spent an incredible amount of money and time restoring the warriors. Though Chinese history is readily available, there is no information on these pits. It is readily believed that the skilled artists and workmen (probably thousands) were killed to eliminate  the information escaping that might cause the tomb to be raided.  The tomb was raided within 100 years.

In the village walking, we came upon a funeral. The family invited us into their home to share the food they were preparing. The gentleman who died was elderly and the funeral was considered a celebration of a good and happy life.

Hong Kong at night. Incredible sight.

Riding the double decker bus.

Riding the ferry in Hong Kong Harbor out to Cheng Chau Island where Andy lived as a child.

 Jim investigating the local cemetery overlooking the harbor.

So many pictures....where do we begin. Thank you Marcia and Andy!

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