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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Harrisville, MI A Jumping off point.

Bay City to Harrisville is about 75 miles. Short trip by car, but a long trip when travelling 10mph.

Harrisville is a welcoming hamlet with young college students suntanning their bodies as they assist boaters into their slips, buying fuel or pumping out. The two college students assisted us as did on our return home from our Great Loop trip. We recognized one another and enjoyed the chit chat.

Where is everyone? There were only 2 transients for the night. As you can see, the marina is well maintained and beautiful.

And the price is right! Michigan marinas are subsidized by the state and are the least expensive anywhere we have experienced. The rate is $1.10 per foot length. In New York for example, the price is $4.00 per foot. Even in Canada, it is not unusual to find $2.25 per foot.

We walked into town and enjoyed one of the few local restaurants. Not much going on. Four old guys dining each by themselves. Apparently the single women are in the other room.  No wonder there isn’t much happening in this town!

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  1. Harrisville is where we met Joan and Jerry, Connie and Ed. Our Looping with them started right there!

    Paula Sue Russell
    M/V Ocean Breeze