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Friday, February 25, 2011

What's in a name? No Name Harbor

What is the name of the most peaceful and beautiful Harbor on Key Biscayne? No Name Harbor, of course! Bill Biggs State Park is located at the southern tip of Key Biscayne and there is a beautiful white, brick lighthouse originally built in 1826 at the southern tip. The walkway from the car parking lot is lined on each side with flowing palm trees. Gorgeous!

The Harbor is well protected and a restaurant, The Boat Grill was a nice surprise. Since we had not washed in a few weeks (!), we were delighted to find A (yes 1) washer and A (yes again 1) dryer. After waiting about an hour, we were able to read, relax and do the wash. (takes forever!!!) A woman from a 50 foot Discovery catamaran was finishing her wash. Caroline and her husband, John, had traveled from the UK, where they build sailboats. They had built this boat and 3 others. They sailed across the Atlantic, up to Maine, down the coast to the Bahamas. Next week they leave for two weeks in Cuba. Discovery Magic will carry them around the world. How exciting!

Mangroves surround the Harbor, but 20 story condominiums are not far away. Peaceful, but so close to sophistication! We loved riding our bicycles through the park and into the developed adjacent community, but using the dinghy to transport the bikes to land is no easy task! Located nearby were Ace Hardware, Winn Dixie and CVS. Everything a Looper could want! The Looper joke is, though, is that Loopers need the "three W's". West Marine, Walmart and Walgreens!

Our view from the entrance of the Harbor was Stiltsville. Amazing buildings on stilts, built many years ago and still standing

The location and weather was so perfect, we decided to stay for another day to relax and have fun....I mean give the boat a good cleaning!

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  1. Loved your Ft. Lauderdale posting Gloria! Craig loved driving those narrow canals, but I felt more like you! I bet that Jungle Queen was a thrill ride, as we saw it barreling by often. Looking forward to seeing you soon.