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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Markus has a boat!

Our nephew, Markus, lives in Key Largo. He is driving a cab and does not own a car. We really wanted to see him while we were in the area and when he said he was available, we jumped at the chance and backtracked to Tarpon Basin.

We had traveled through Tarpon Basin on our way to Anchorage Marina and marveled at the beauty and the peacefulness, so we were pleased to anchor in the Basin for a few days to see Mark.

When we dropped the anchor four "poofs" of sand came up from the bottom. Big areas and we wondered if it was safe to anchor in the area, not imagining what could cause this phenomenon, when 4 manatees came to the surface. Amazing! We continued to anchor and we were able to see the bottom and our anchor, as it rested on the bottom!

Jim and Pete, from Blue Yonder, had installed a new VHF radio with AIS. It is the coolest of radios and we are aware of all boats and ships that are in the area. The radio that was removed never seemed to work the way we expected it to work and we were excited about having access to AIS. We pondered what to do with the radio and stored it with all our other "stuff" in the forward bathroom. Great place!

Mark informed us a few months he had purchased a Hobie Cat and was sailing it to Cuba. Going to Cuba has been a dream for some time for Mark and his entire family has been discouraging him, for safety reasons. Mark is not to be deterred and just a week before, a woman had given him a Cheoy Lee 32, 1967. Needs work doesn't describe the effort needed, but Mark is thrilled and wants to make it a safe boat he can sail to Cuba.

The bottom has barnacles and grass growing on the bottom and the diesel engine needs work, but Mark is thrilled.

We will keep you posted as Mark continues to work on his project. We hope it takes a LONG time and we are excited that he has a focus for his energy!

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