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Monday, February 21, 2011

Marathon with Jamie, Aisha & visit by Jim & Judy Jones

We are so fortunate to have our friends and family visit. We are looking forward to more visits with more of you in the future. Please let us know your interest. We are having so much fun, we love sharing the fun!

Jamie and Aisha visited with us for a few days before their cruise to Key West and Mexico. As many of you know, Aisha is due in May with our first grandson! We are so grateful to the two of them for our visit as we would not wanted to have missed how gorgeous Aisha looks with her baby bump! Also, the glow on Jamie's face is pure pleasure and we are so happy for them (OK, and us too!)

We had such a great time with the dinghy heading out to Sombrero Beach. We found all kinds of life and shells. Sea urchins live in the coral. We were amazed at the red bodies and black spines. Jim and I loved watching Jamie and Aisha as they walked the 6-12 inch deep shoal, looking for life on the bottom.

No pictures here of the most interesting as the shark wouldn't wait for Jim to get out his camera as he was leaping into the dinghy. He also was brushed by a small manta ray as he walked. He didn't get a chance to leap into the dinghy that time! Next stop was Sombrero Beach. Doesn't get much prettier or sunnier than that!

Jamie and Aisha are amazing in their stamina. They walked 5 miles over to Pigeon Key and saw fish and turtles under the bridge. Smiled abounded upon their return. (us too:))

Burdines is a local restaurant located near the Marathon Marina and Boat Yard. We were fortunate to have a visit with Jim and Judy Jones during Jamie and Aisha's visit. Jim and Judy have a home on Cudjoe Key and Beaver Island. They were the first visit with friends or family on our Loop at their home in Beaver Island. Jim is a sailing buddy of mine and we have many stories to tell or NOT TELL (JIM!). (Who are those 3 white haired people in the picture - if we had only known 30 years ago!) Jamie and Aisha were entertained as were Jim and Judy while we dined at Burdines, outside on the picnic tables, watching the sunset.

Key West was a highlight for us as well! Jamie and Aisha were visiting Key West for a day on their cruise, so we showed them the sights and they were able to visit in a few days. We can't wait to hear the stories from the cruise. We loved the Pelicans and were amazed at their talent of holding on with their feet! Also, the Tarpons were looking for handouts at the fish station on the dock. Also notice our visit with Todd, Paula and Charlie on Ocean Breeze. Charlie is trained to "use" the grass on the boat. We are continuing our training of BooBoo and Buddy, when he returns April 1st, to use our "grass".

No visit to Marathon would be complete without a visit to the Creepies (thanks Adrienne for that fine, descriptive name!). Mangroves surround the Keys and occasionally there is a break in the mangroves with an entry into the "forest". Adventure follows, so we try not to miss an opportunity! Strange things are happening on Boot Key. A drawbridge was dismantled a few years ago, so the only way to set foot on the island of Boot Key is by boat. It appears those who are inhabiting the island must be pirates, as the barnacles on the bottoms of the boats are bigger than the lizards in the mangroves. We passed by one man who turned around and glared, as did his big, toothy pit bull. We left to quickly to see if he had a patch over his eye!

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  1. It was so good to see you and Jim again...and meet Jamie and his darling Aisha. You're right, she has such a sweet baby bump. I know you're getting excited to see that little pumpkin ;-) We'll be back in Marathon March 8th...hope you are still around.