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Monday, February 21, 2011

My cousins are in town! Bill & Jane Sneeringer

Jane Sneeringer is my cousin who lives in Baltimore. Through Facebook Jane connected with my sister, Marcia and Marcia called me to tell me Bill and Jane were in Marathon. I hadn't seen Jane in a long time, but she gave me an update on seeing my Mother and Sister, Marcia, at a family baby shower! What a nice surprise!

Bill and Jane have enjoyed Marathon for years, so they showed us some sights because THEY HAVE A CAR!! First we went to the Saturday Flea Market on Pine Key. Yes, we do love Flea Markets! We didn't buy much because these days, we have room for nothing! Then we drove to No Name Pub! Not only are dollar bills covering the walls, but hanging from the ceiling. Better know where it is, because it is located in the woods somewhere! Lunch was standing room only and a lot of laughter was in that room.

We will stop to see them when we are in the Baltimore area.

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