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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Boca Chita, traveling up the Keys toward Miami

We have been fortunate to meet friends along the way from around the country. Two of our dearest friends from Monkey Girl, are from Ft. Lauderdale. Laura and Bill have offered wonderful advice on where to anchor. They taught us a lot about anchoring over the few months we traveled together.

Laura recommended Boca Chita, a National Park. The island is small and was developed in the early 30's by Mark Honeywell. He built a few buildings and had plans for more, when his wife was killed in a fall. Over the years the property was used for conferences and Mark owned a boat, Olivette, an 80 foot wooden yacht from the 20's which anchored in the harbor. He built a beautiful lighthouse of coral, which still stands today, despite being located near Homestead, FL.

The sunset and sunrise were beautiful from our spot on the wall and Jim walked 50 yards to the ocean for a dip in the sea. How refreshing!

We shared the small harbor with a 76 foot Marlow, VAGABUNDO. Nice boat!

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