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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Entebbe, Uganda here we come!

Been a long time since you have seen anything new here on the Crawdad Blog!  Well, Jim and I are about to take off on a new Adventure! We volunteered to go on a medical mission to Uganda!

A year and a half ago, we met Stan and Barbara Grogg who were completing the Loop on their boat, Grogger. Grogger was experiencing some significant engine issues and Stan and Barb spent more time than anticipated in Bay City completing repairs. Our (and their) mechanic recommended they call us! We followed the Groggs on the remainder of their journey (with great interest!) and became friends in the process! The Groggs invited us to join their medical mission and we immediately responded yes!

Stan retired as a Pediatrician and now is the Associate Dean of Clinical Research and Medical Director of Service Learning, Professor of Pediatrics. Barbara is a  Family Nurse Practitioner. We will be working with doctors from various fields and medical students from Oklahoma State University. 

The plan is to fly into Entebbe, Uganda and visit with Blessings of Joy to provide physicals on the 250-300 students and teachers and others in need in the area.  We will visit Gulu, Uganda and Sister Rosemary. In 2007 CNN reported on Sister Rosemary. Google Sister Rosemary and find it on Utube. I'll report more later.

Our friend Lorraine Kasper connected us with the Methodist Church in Goodrich, MI. Two women made 129 pillowcase dresses! The two women were looking for someone going to Africa to deliver the dresses to 129 needy girls. How lucky for us to obtain the dresses to deliver to Sister Rosemary!

Here are two of the beautiful dresses we will deliver to Africa.
If possible, we will try to blog from Africa.  If not, we will blog when we return home.
Off we go again!

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