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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tawas and Bay City to home...

The Flint Power Squadron, along with the Saginaw Power Squadron, planned a Rendezvous in Tawas Municipal Harbor. We did not plan to attend, but our run home, landed us in Tawas for the Rendezvous. We were pleased to find some friends and make some new friends.
Tawas has a Blues festival and Jim and I love the Blues - especially by the Bay!
Almost home, better give the boat a bath.
As we cruised up the Saginaw River, back to Skipper Buds to put the boat up, we passed by the Edson, a WWII destroyer, destined for Bay City. It was towed from Pennsylvania. That must have been quite a challenge!
               After renovation, we should be able to tour this ship on the Bay City waterfront.
Great to be home.



  1. So fun to see you are still cruising! The girls were just talking about Buddy and BooBoo. How are they? Hope u two are well!

  2. Great to hear from our dear Looper friends from Negotiator! Wondering how you are doing as well. Heard you saw Bama Belle in Grand Haven. BooBoo & Buddy say hi!