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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mackinac Island - haven't missed a year in....30 years?

The day was long. Originally the plan was to cruise to Drummond Island so Bama Belle could check in.  On Crawdad, we both have Nexus cards, so a phone call is all we need. Once on the water, we were able to call Mackinac and were pleased to find out Customs has a phone installed on the Office Wall, so we proceeded to Mackinac.

The good news is Herself, a Grand Banks 32 cruised with us to Mackinac. Dave and Suzanne purchased their Grand Banks last year and are new cruisers, in love with the new life and their gorgeous boat. We met at Meldrum Bay and immediately connected and enjoyed dinner at the Meldrum Inn.

                                                Don't they look like they are having a blast?

They allow Labradors and Pomeranians on the porch, don't they? Buddy was usual....

Have you had dinner at the Grand Hotel lately? Charlie and Lorrie did not want to miss dinner at the Grand, so Jim and I agreed to go with them. We took a carriage up to the Hotel, as Lorrie was having great difficulty walking, because of her double knee replacement 11 weeks before. Coats and ties are required and dresses and pantsuits for women. Oops! A call to the Hotel confirmed, they could lend the guys coats and ties!
Here is Jim with his size 52 jacket. This jacket fit a lot better than the 40 short, he tried on earlier and the tie - covered with carriages - how appropriate!

Charlie was having a difficult time with the tie he borrowed. Maybe Charlie didn't wear a tie every day in his Bait Shop?
Always an amazing sight, though, isn't it?

The Mackinac Island Harbor looks amazing different thant it has during most of my visits - after Mackinac Races. What! You can't walk across the Harbor over the boats? Fort Michilimackinac is on the Hill in the Center of the Photo.
What would cruising be without the visit to the engine room to check the oil level. Crawdad's Lehman 135's are amazing and just keep on going!



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