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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mercy's Village -Gulu-you see, you can make a difference!

A Californian woman visited Uganda and wanted to make a difference. She started Mercy's Village with her own money and that donated by her friends and family. She continues to collect donations for the school through a 501 3c and visits once or twice a year personally. She wants to meet the Pros for Africa team in Gulu, if we are willing to visit next year and care for the children.
The children had such a great time jumping rope. We will bring more jump ropes next year.

The children wear uniforms to school and are extremely well behaved. They could give lessons to our kids. Hey who is that big kid in the class?
At Mercy's Village the children eat beans and a corn mush. The Director looked at adding sweet potatoes but the cost would increase four fold. Not in the cards right now. These children are much healthier than the children at Blessings of Joy. No comparison.
Betsy is doing a demonstration for a class with the teacher as translator.

The children sang a good bye song for us.
The Director is a woman from California who signed a 2 year contract to run the school. She travels by motorcycle and gave me a ride to the school down narrow trails.

 Sarah was leading us back to the school as the road narrows to a path, so whe offered to give someone a ride. Whose hand went up? Fun 35 minute ride through Gulu and the countryside.
A new ball! Thanks Pros for Africa!
Sorry, I can't figure out how to rotate this picture, but she is so cute!


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