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Monday, March 25, 2013

Remember the dresses the Goodrich Methodist Church donated?

Two wonderful women, I believe Ruth and Nancy, made 129 pillow case dresses. The church family contributes material and funds to assist the women in making the dresses. There are patterns on line and a web page if you wish to investigate.

"Coincidence" brought us the dresses.  Our friend Lorraine Kasper, a retired elementary teacher from Goodrich was enjoying breakfast with her retired friends, when one hungry breakfast eater asked if anyone knew someone going to Africa. Lorraine piped up that she had friends leaving in a few weeks for Uganda!  (Us!)  Lorraine picked up the dresses and delivered them to us.

I had already contacted someone at Blessings of Joy and they said they would love to have the dresses.  Do you know how much space 129 dresses take?  A lot! We filled one checked bag and 1/2 of another checked bag.  Good thing our clothes were in the carry on bags!
The girls were so proud of their new dresses!
The girls swarmed the principal and one of the teachers as they handed out the dresses.
The girls lined up with their dresses.  The teachers asked for a few dresses for their children. That was when we knew they were well received!
Thank you Goodrich Methodist Church from the girls at Blessings of Joy! There is a web page where you find out more about Blessings of Joy.  Of the 4 schools we visited, Blessings was doing as much as possible with little funding.  Public schools in Uganda are terrible. Blessings is a private school where the children and parents are not required to pay tuition if attending. We were positively impressed and we are ready to return to Blessings of Joy next year.

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