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Saturday, January 15, 2011

No one told us how pretty an anchorage could be! Cayo Costa

Cayo Costa State Park is fabulous! Pelican Bay is located along the ICW and has a shallow entrance for a boat of our size, but once you enter!!!Wow!

The Bay is extremely quiet, but inside the Bay is the entrance to Cayo Costa State Park. We rented bikes and rode around the Island with BooBoo in his front carrier. He loved it (and so did I). (Jim wasn't as thrilled! haha)

A ferry carries passengers from the mainland, but the population is very low. We saw huge bird nests with parents tending their young. The beaches were gorgeous and Jim and I once again, added to our shell collection. Campers can choose to bring their own tents or use the small cabins provided.

We planned to stay for a few days, but our generator was not working, so we were unable to stay for more than one night. Our refrigerator and freezer are powered only by AC or the generator. Many of the newer boats have refrigerators and freezers using DC Power, so the need for the generator is not great. We do not have an inverter so we are reliant on the generator when anchoring.

Our friends have taught us how to anchor more safely and easily. We really enjoy anchoring, so we appreciate what they have taught us. Monkey Girl, Bill & Laura provided the grab hook we needed for the anchor harness. Pete, from Blue Yonder spliced each end of the line to put through each hawse pipe to the cleat. This moves the pull of the anchor from the windlass (that brings the chain up from the water or drops the anchor down to the water) to the anchor harness. (See pics) We also have an anchor buoy (or ball) that is tied to the anchor itself. This allows us to know where the anchor is lying on the bottom and also we could pull the anchor from behind if it were stuck. Confused yet?

We hope to do more anchoring. The price is right and we really enjoy the solitude. We use the dinghy to bring the boys to shore and Boo is working on using the pee pad. Maybe Buddy will use it later as well. We did see our friends Golden Retriever use their potty pad (artificial grass) and when he was done they "watered the lawn)!

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