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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Generator bummmer! Ft. Myers Yacht Basin

Cayo Costa was such a pleasure we wanted to stay for a few days, but our generator would not start. Jim spent a lot of time in the "basement" trying to figure out the problem, but soon we knew it was time for a mechanic. We stayed in Cayo Costa one night and moved on to Ft. Myers Yacht Basin.

Before the Loop we were not aware there were 2 cities called Ft. Myers. Ft. Myers Beach, where there are only mooring balls and Ft. Myers the City which has docks and mooring balls. We decided the City Dock would be the best place for repairs.

We met a fellow boater who had experience and he thought he knew the problem. He was kind enough to enter the dungeon and look around, but we felt a mechanic was in order. After a whole day of repair and running for parts, the problem was fixed....we thought. Three days in Ft. Myers was enough for these gypsies!

Ft. Myers deserves more comment than complaints about our generator. The downtown is gorgeous! We arrived on a Friday to a Harleyfest. We have never seen as many Harleys and other bikes. The crowd was dressed in their Harley best and 3 bands entertained at the huge Festival. We enjoyed the restaurants and it is a great town for walking and running. Also the Marine Trading Post was worth a visit. Reminded me of Thomas Hardward for boat parts! Parts laying on the floor and lovingly disorganized!

Dragonfly the hybrid, former Erie Canal boat, was there as well. We enjoyed a meal with the Professor and his wife. They are enjoying a sabbatical experimenting with their boat.

The Edison-Ford Estate is near downtown as well. It is very interesting and we now understand why Ft. Myers is the City of Palms.

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