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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Marco Island anchorage, mighty nice!

Naples to Marco is a 20 miles, which is a short day, but we wanted to anchor near Marco Island, now that the generator is working.

Following the charts and chartplotter carefully is really important as the waterway to our anchorage was marked with ATONs (marker) of different types. The ATONs in the GICW are set (when traveling south) with the green to the starboard and red to our port, but when you enter a river, the ATONs become green to the port and red to the starboard. Am I confusing you again? I am very careful to mark the chart ahead of time and also we carry red and green tape so that we can place the tape to our port or starboard side as appropriate. Placing the tape is helpful because as you travel and meet a marker, there isn't always time to think....let's see, should this be kept to port or starboard!

We followed into the harbor and there were two other boats. One looked as if it is a constant resident and the other left soon after we anchored. Later on another boat Bama Bell, from Mobile, AL came in. Charlie Crawford (yes Crawford), the captain of the other boat came over and said he was watching our blog. He had just left Mobile and was a "newbie". Now that we have traveled almost 3000 miles, we are happy to help any newbies! He and his girlfriend, Brandi, came on board and we laughed and became acquainted. They, too, were traveling next to the Everglades and then to Marathon.

We had a delightful dinner at the Snook Inn. Entertainment and a good crowd.

Good to know we will have company as we travel Florida Bay into the Everglades.

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