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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Real lion and lioness....are they nuts?

A few weeks ago we visited Florence, AL, home of University of Alabama. During our last visit, we explored the Frank Lloyd Wright house and the supermarket. We wanted to spend more time on our second visit back to the entrance to the Tenn Tom. We had been told that UNA are Lions and they have...REAL LIONS! These lions go to the football games. Football is big time in the South for both College and High School and they do things in the South.....uh....differently than we do in the North. The UNA campus is gorgeous and we really enjoyed touring the campus and visiting with Leo and Una. The lion and lioness send their regards to Allison!

We also took time to visit the WC Handy Home and Museum, since Jim is such a fan of the Blues. Now he knows WHO is the King of the Blues and where he was born, in a log cabin in Florence, AL.

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  1. My family are to move here at Florence, AL for a few weeks from now and we're so excited to explore the beauty of this place! Thanks for sharing those pictures. They are great!