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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oct. 6 & 7 Goose Pond & Hales Bar Marinas

We are still on the way to Chattanooga. The side trip to Chattanooga added another 370 miles to our total miles. Tomorrow we will arrive in Chattanooga.

Goose Pond Marina is in an area filled with milfoil and hydrilla. Sounds like a disease, but are two different weeds that grow in stagnant water. There is little current in some of the outlying parts of the river and the water is covered with these weeds. As we entered Goose Pond, we were surrounded by hydrilla and milfoil. It is an effort to keep the weeds out of the channel. The area is surrounded by fisherman on their bass boats with 300 hp motors. (Yes they are fast!) We were greated by Ray, who invited us to his home for dinner. We were not sure what to expect, but we were joined by 10 other people who were also "loopers".

There is a time schedule of sorts for "loopers". It makes sense to be on the Great Lakes in the summer, Inland Rivers in the fall and be in Florida, Keys or Bahamas in the winter. In spring, the group moves up the East Coast and back to the Great Lakes. With this schedule, the group is quite separated, but over time, you meet people over and over again you met in another port. Also, we tend to travel with other loopers if we are headed in the same direction and have the same time table. So it was nice to meet some other loopers we had not met before.

We met Jerry and Carolyn of Sassy earlier and they were in Goose Pond, so we took off for Hales Bar Marina together. After a dinner of catfish and tilapia, we went our separate ways and will meet up again at 830AM, when we leave for Chattanooga.

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