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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Marine Mechanic and his able-bodied assistant

Our last day at Wheelers was a real work day. Doing the wash at Wheeler's is a real chore as there is ONE washer for the entire marina. My friend Cathy Condon, from MERRIED WITH HER washed before me and showed me how to remove underwear that is seemingly stuck forever in the 50 year old dryer. She is pictured tearing her husband Jim's underwear from the bowels of the dryer.

Jim also bathed Buddy, returned the kayaks to their berths on the side of CRAWDAD and then we took on a joint project - we love joint projects - NOT! We changed the oil in the diesel engines.

Fortunately, CRAWDAD came with an oil change pump. Sure makes the job easier, but these 135 Lehman engines take a lot of oil and we had a little accident removing some of it. We have an instructional book prepared by yours truly from previous episodes and each time the instructions improve. We use empty 5 gallon containers from Arbys for the dirty oil. The instructions noted we needed 2 containers, but....we forgot to get 2, so empty milk cartons and oil containers work as well. Truthfully, we were pretty proud of ourselves after it was over. Another 200 hours before we have to do it again. Our neighbor Greg Franklin on GONCRUZIN was changing his oil on the same day. Two greasy looking men emerged from the bowels of their boats!

Greg and his wife, Barbara are the proud owners of Buddy's girlfriend, Vanilla Bean. She looks quite like Buddy, but is a petite little girl. Since our boats were adjacent and less than 12 inches apart, the pups could smile and give kisses over the boat railing in the marina.

Greg and Barbara are golfers and we played golf a second time at Wheeler State Park. The topography is beautiful and the hills and valleys were a fun challenge (for Jim and Greg - Barbara and I said forget it! ...9 holes was enough!).

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