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Saturday, September 11, 2010

We are enjoying Heritage Harbor in Ottawa, IL. Heritage Harbor is a new development with a few homes already complete. The staff is exceptionally accommodating. Ottawa is a nice midwestern town with restaurants and some shopping. We reprovisioned, mailed a birthday card (my first attempt at a computer generated birthday card) for my 92 year old Dad and laundered our dirty clothes.

Present Moment is here with us again as well. They have assisted us in "learning" the locks as well as long-term cruising. Coincidentally, their boat is from Macatawa, MI, my hometown.

A mechanic is on board now replacing the coupler on the shaft. Apparently the coupler was not positioned on the shaft correctly back in Bay City. We are lucky the mechanic here was able to find a new coupler, from all places - Michigan, and have it sent overnight! We should be up and running this afternoon. Will be nice to have two engines again!

We have learned our lesson on traveling in the locks with Tugs. Tugs use propulsion to hold themselves against the lock wall which makes the lock a "boiling pot". When Jim realized he had no propulsion from the starboard engine, Jim and I remained in the lock and struggled for about 45 minutes while we waited for the tow to leave the lock and move it's tow. Jim deserves cudos for keeping us off the walls of the lock and getting us to Heritage Harbor on the port engine alone.

Today we are catching up on planning our future stops and mechanical maintenance. Always lots to do...and yes, Buddy had a bath!

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