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Monday, September 6, 2010

Crawdad ventures into the Inland Rivers

We arrived into Hammond Marina to the sounds of weekend partiers. The marina is located adjacent to the Horshoe Casino and "cigarette" boats abound!

Our friends Tim and Linda Harvey traveled to pick us up at the marina and drove us to China Town for a wonderful dinner. They even helped us lower our mast and get ready for the low bridges on the rivers.

We awoke Labor Day morning to a gale warning (enough already!) and entered the Calumet River. Hopefully now we will escape the howling winds!

After calling and radioing to no avail, we stopped in at a marina along the river and "are hearing banjos." (memories of the bicycle barricade!). The owner is "gone" and no one is running the marina. The local boaters are hoping someone buys the place! Strange! Better lock our doors tonight!

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