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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ushuaia - still on the way to Antarctica!

After a few days in Buenos Aires, we flew from the other airport in Buenos Aires. There are both an international airport and a domestic airport in Buenos Aires. The flight to Ushuaia was another 4 hour flight. Ushuaia is called, fin del mundo (and you know by now your blogger can translate this for you! "end of the world"). Ushuaia is considered the southern most city in the world, located in Tierra del Fuego (land of fire - volcano land) province. It is located on the Beagle Channel. (now you are talking! We are talking HMS Beagle - like Darwin!!  Just as a note - the Beagle Channel was on my Bucket List! Beautiful spot!) During the early 20th Century, the city was populated by a prison, as an attempt to increase the population. The population of prisoners were mostly repeat offenders and serious criminals.
Today the Ushuaia area is a tourist attraction. A beautiful city built into the mountains, with a few small cruise ships occasionally in the harbor. Adrienne and Joe, our daughter and son-in-law, spent two weeks hiking and camping in Patagonia and enjoyed time in Ushuaia over the holidays, just a few weeks before we arrived.

Tierra de Fuego has a National Park is the only coastal park, which is renown for its remote location, raging winds and rugged landscape. The park protects unique flora and fauna.

This picture is not one of two of the prisoners, but rather my dear sister, Marcia and her beloved husband Andy.  We were so lucky to have them with us. Isn't it nice when you not only love your family, but like them too?

What a nice elderly couple!


As you can see, the flowers are incredible!
Our ship was the Corinthian and was beautiful. There were 96 passengers ad 66 crew.
The Beagle Channel is a strait in the archipelago island chain of Tierra del Fuego.  The Channel separates Argentina and Chile. Just north of the Beagle Channel are the Straits of Magellan. Just south of the Channel is the Drake Passage. The Beagle Channel and Straits of Magellan are relatively narrow by shipping terms.
We picked up a pilot as we began the cruise in the Beagle Channel to assist with the navigation. though in my opinion, a pilot was required merely for the creation of a job. We watched as the pilot played on his phone through the Channel. Let's just say Booboo could have navigated the Channel as well as our Pilot, though Booboo is not so great with technology.

As you can see, Booboo attempted to go with us. He knew his skills were needed on this trip.

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