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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Antarctica - Vernadsky Station

Vernadsky Station is the Ukrainian research base located on Galindez Island. The base was originally set up by the British  in 1947.  The main hut was built on the sight of an earlier expedition hut that was named after Sir James Wordie, a member of Shackleton's Expedition, as he visited the site while it was under construction. The British renamed the base Faraday Station in 1977.

The Ukrainians took over operation of the base in 1996, when it was sold to them by the British for one pound. Had the British not sold the base, they would have been required to disassemble the base and remove it entirely from Antarctica.

The Ukrainian team spend 12 months working at the station. They were working on various projects including meteorological and seismic studies. Few people spend an entire year in Antarctica. One can only imagine how long winter must seem in this desolate environment.
You may recognize the guy at the bar, yucking it up with the Ukrainians.
This photograph was posted on the wall of the Research Center along with many other historic photographs. Surprisingly, most of the original photos from the British remain.
There was a small store at Vernadsky as well. T-shirts and patches were the only merchandise available. No danger of doing too much shopping in Antarctica!

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