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Monday, December 13, 2010

Englewood happenings

We have been in Englewood for a few weeks now. We are enjoying the outdoor kitchen and access to washers and dryers and showers located closeby. Feels very much like Ray's backyard. He and Ray Ray (other resident) built an area with seating, TV and grill. Getting to know the other residents, JoJo, John and Kathy (from Flint), Nils (owns a beautiful Bristol sailboat) and Harvey, on his Morgan Out Island 41. Our visiting friend Pete from Blue Yonder suggested Jim should change his name to JimJim. JimJim is considering the change.

Jim and I have worked to repair the shower and toilet room in the captains' quarters. (We both are captains in our own way!) We are fortunate in our floor plan, that the toilet room and shower are separate rooms. The shower is small and meets our needs, but the peeling was driving me crazy! The head (bath) in the forward cabin is combined with a shower. The shower curtain can be drawn around a corner of the head. The paint in our suite head was peeling as the previous paint used was flat paint, so we sanded, spackled, sanded and painted with a semi-gloss paint in both rooms. Looks lots better and since it was "bugging" me we are both happy!

Jim's Mother, Betty was driven to Florida in her car by brother, Jeff and Jim and Jeff trimmed trees and bushes at Betty's house and we helped her get settled.

The weather is amazing...not amazingly good, but "blowing like stink". (Sailing term for all you non-racers). The wind has been blowing 30-35 and we are "rocking and rolling" in our slip. Our friends from Blue Yonder are here for their third day. They had planned on staying one day, but the weather has tied them to the dock. We don't mind and have had a great time with them and their cute kittie, Moby as in Moby Dick.

While Jeff was here we visited the Ringling Museum, built by John and Mable Ringling. So interesting! Our daughter Adrienne and I attended every circus that came to town for many years and I truly love the circus! The Ringlings built a beautiful Spanish home on the bay and an art museum to house their extensive art collection and bronzed statues.

Ever wondered where geographic locations got their name? We wondered about Stump Pass State Park, located down the street from us, until we hiked to the end of the Park. Stumps everywhere! Beautiful and a natural entrance to the GICW and Rivers. Much silting has taken place, though and you cannot pass though this Inlet. Been walking with the boys for lengthy walks and some running with the Bud Boy. We are hoping for better weather.....soon!

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  1. We had a great visit with you guys, have a safe trip home and a great Christmas. See you in the Keys!