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Monday, December 30, 2013

Nicaragua - our most important home visit with Martell

Stan Grogg retired from private practice as a Pediatrician and took a position at Oklahoma State University as the head of Clinical Medicine. He is an amazing human being who is dedicated to teaching his medical students and helping those in need. His wife, Barbara is totally focused on their goal of teaching students, while helping others.

We met Stan and Barb when they were in Bay City.  They were cruising the Great Loop and had mechanical trouble which kept them in Bay City for a few weeks.  Their mechanic...was our mechanic and Ed, called us (as fellow Loopers) to suggest we meet the Groggs. Well, one dinner lead to two dinners.  Stan and Barb asked us to go to Africa. We loved it. They asked us to go to Nicaragua and we loved it...again, but more than that, we received a gift.

Seldom in life is one so touched to be brought to tears. Our souls were touched on this mission and especially by Stan and his gift to Martell.

On an earlier trip, Stan made a home visit to Martell. He found Martell, lying on a bed near the door of his home. His parents cared for him and moved him on his bed. He was too heavy to move in any other way. Martell was severely affected by meningitis at 5 months. He was significantly mentally disabled, has little sight or hearing. He is now 25 and is cared for daily by his mother and father. He had not been out of their home since he was a toddler and his mother could carry him.
We had to climb up this hill with the wheelchair to reach Martell's home.

Martell's story stuck in Stan's mind. He knew Martell's only chance to get out of his home to the outdoors, was a special wheel chair. Martell cannot sit up for long periods and needs to lay down. His feet are gnarled, so he would need support for his legs. Quite a special and expensive wheel chair.

Stan and Barb were in a medical warehouse and Stan spotted the wheel chair. How he managed to obtain the chair I don't know, but they were not leaving without the chair. Nathan is a college sophomore at University of Oklahoma. He is a big, strong guy. Nathan pushed the wheel chair through the airport and brought it to the airplane door.

On the last day of home visits, our local manager met us at Martell's home with the wheelchair in the bed of his truck. It was a long ride, far into the countryside. We gathered to climb up the hill to the home. Though we were not expected, we were happily greeted by Martell's parents who showed us Martell, asleep on his bed. Martell was spotlessly clean. Stan wheeled up the chair and explained to his parents what they could do with the chair. His parents cried.  They picked up Martell, one lifting his shoulders and the other his feet. They wheeled him outside for the first time.

Martell squealed in glee. He was so happy and so were his parents!....and so were we!
Look at Stan's joy at finding this wheelchair for Martell!

What a joy to bring such happiness to this handicapped young man and his parents. Nothing we could have done would have made a better day!  Thank you Stan and Barb for the joy you brought to our hearts!

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